Digital Marketing Canvas

The simplest and the easiest digital marketing framework to build, analyze and test your digital marketing campaign strategy.
Digital Marketing Canvas Book
Shows the entire digital marketing campaign strategy in one page


Quickly design, test and iterate


Fits well with other business strategy tools

Digital Marketing Framework at a glance

Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC) allows Digital Marketers to brainstorm ideas and collaborate to design digital marketing plans. Digital Marketers can use this tool to present digital marketing plans to their team, customers, and stakeholders.
Moreover, Digital Marketing Canvas allows marketers to test and execute their ideas in the market to reduce the failure risk.
Last but not least, DMC gives digital marketers the ability to analyze and measure the success rate of their campaign while optimizing the marketing strategies.

Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC) fits great with the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and can boost the BMC values and market fit.
Digital Marketing Canvas

Digital Marketing Canvas Sample E-Book

Digital Marketing Canvas Sample E-Book

Digital Model Canvas Building Blocks

Digital Marketing Objective


What is the ultimate goal that you would like to reach with your marketing tactics and strategies? Remember that your objective should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Phased).

Digital Marketing Value


What is the value that you believe your customer will receive by using your product or service. Remember that this might be different from the value that your customers desire to receive. This value drives from your business model and your marketing research.

Digital Marketing Channel


Where is the best place in the digital world to reach your audience? Remember that your channel can go beyond Internet.

Digital Marketing Target Audience

Target Audience

Who would you like to receive your marketing message and learn about the value that your business is promoting. These people should not necessarily be your customers.

Digital Marketing Customer Journey

Customer Journey

At what point of the customer journey are you planning to reach your customers? Remember that the customer journey is not linear and customers can move back and forth between different phases.

Digital Marketing KPI


What is the most important activity that you measure in order to determine whether you are achieving your objective or not?

Digital Marketing Metrics


What measurable units you would use to illustrate your KPI in numbers and make it more tangible?

Digital Marketing Tactics


All the actions that you are planning to take in order to achieve your marketing objective.

Digital Marketing Canvas E-Book

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